Guide for Guild

guide 2017-05-02 05:26

Guide for Guild

A.   Create & Join a Guild

When your character reaches Lv.18, you can join or create a guild. You can see Guild icon in Base page. Feel free to join an existing guild or spend 300 diamonds to create your own guild. The system will abbreviate your guild name to 6 letters. After giving your guild a name, all you need to is choose a guild medal and the guild region.

B.   Basic Info

1.    Guild Member

You can view your guild members with full details including last login time and donations etc. Which is a criteria for Guild Master and Deputy to manage their guild members. Tap each member to view his formation, assign him or kick him out and so on.

2.    Ranking

You can check out the rankings of all the guilds’ BR. 

3.     Check

Guild Master and Deputy are in charge of recruiting new members and set the criteria for joining the guild. They also check the requests for join the guild. 

4. Daily Welfare

Each guild member can spend 100 Guild Coins to buy in-game items per day while Guild Master and Deputy can have the exclusive packs.

5. Guild Donation

Guild members can donate their Gold or Dimands to their guild to help upgrade the guild level and guild members acquire Guild Coins. Upgrading the guild will unlock new events, activate new Guild Tech, raise Tech Point cap, guild member capacity and deputy capacity.