Upcoming Events

guide 2017-07-20 05:59

Upcoming Events

【Upcoming Events】

Crate Exchange: 20th July - 26th July, opening Crate (L) or higher one to obtain credits which can be used to exchange for rare items.

Lucky Turn: 20th July - 22nd July, the Lucky Wheel will be available when players obtain 1000 pts in Normal Wheel. Great chance to get Legendary ship designs in the Lucky Wheel.

Give Away: 20th July - 23rd July, player chose rewards and can claim the reward the next day .

Lucky Spin: 21st July- 23rd July, obtain materials in this event, and at most up to 30x rewards.

Admiral's Helm: 23rd July - 25th July, Epic and Legendary Admirals available in the event.
Rebates: 23rd July - 26th July, recharge diamonds reach designated tier to obtain the extra reward.

Gift Everyday: 25th July - 31st July, players can get drawing times by accomplishing daily tasks, and obtain random rewards in the drawing.

Black Market: 26th July - 28th July, spending Diamonds to buy various items. 

Super Exchange: 27th July - 2nd August, get points by sending in [Spy Center], points can be used to exchange for rare items.

Design Lottery: 27th July - 29th July, spend Diamonds to draw 10 ship designs in a row, within each 10 draws includes at least one legendary ship design.

Double Luck: 29th July - 30th July, obtain advance materials, at most up to 30x rewards.