Find BUGs Rewards

guide 2017-05-11 22:41

Find BUGs Rewards

Event Detail: Thanks to all players for support of “Battleships: Blood & Sea”. To improve the game quality, we are hosting Find BUGS and obtain Rewards event. We hope all commanders will actively submit BUGs and suggestions on improving the game. After verifying the BUG, the Operation team will give out 100 – 1000 Diamonds as rewards based on the BUG’s severity.

Event Time: May 10, 207 to June 10, 2017

Event Rules:

1.        When submitting bug, please explain the BUG content in details such as the interface and the actions you take which led to this bug.

2.        For similar types of BUGs, only the first person to submit the bug will obtain the rewards. Repeat submitting will not be accepted.

3.        When submitting the bug, please include your accurate information including Server number, player name and player ID, so the Operation team can verify and send out rewards.

4.        When the event ends, the Operation Team will announce the player who will win the rewards. The rewards will be send out to players within 3 working days after the announcement.

Participating Method:

When you meet a BUG or other problems, please send an email to our CS along with picture attachment.


Server Number:

Player name:

Player ID:

BUG Description: